Do you need a quick and noncommittal offer? Then you have come to the right address;

State-of-the-art satellite navigation systems - we control the route of your transport. GPS control is available 24/7. All vehicles are equipped with GPS modules so you can track your cargo at any time during transport;

VOLVO trucks - our fleet consists of Volvo vehicles only, which ensures the highest level of safety in transport;

 Our fleet meets Euro 5 and Euro 6 environmental standards;

The highest level of responsibility - we cooperate with CMR, TIR Carnet, ADR, ECMT companies.

Favourable and flexible prices are flexible prices, so transport is not only high quality, but also affordable for everyone;

An additional plus - all forms of payment ;

Simple taxation - work with all tax systems (VAT, income tax, one tax).

You know what?

The cargo transportation is dynamic, the requirements, rules and content of necessary documents are constantly changing.

Our customers do not have to go into this complex subject - we have gathered the most important information by SOLOVIY-TRANS about transport.