"Jumbo" is a very efficient semi-trailer, thanks to the "G" - a similar floor and reduced wheel diameter of the semi-trailer. Up to 20 tons payload. Up to 96-110 m3 payload capacity,  up to 33 Euro-pallet spaces.

Truck transporter - designed to transport vehicles. Up to 20-25 tons payload. Capacity directly depends on the length, average 8-10 vehicles.

Truck trailer - vehicle plus trailer. Advantage: quick loading/unloading and high payload. Disadvantage: Not suitable for transporting long products. Up to 16-25 tons payload. Payload capacity: 60-120 m³. up to 22- 33 Euro-pallet spaces.

Road tanker - for transporting liquids. Up to 12-22 tons payload.  Up to 8-40 m3 payload capacity  

Cargo container - transport unit for reusable equipment, designed for transport and quick storage of goods without intermediate reloading, convenient for mechanized loading and unloading.

Consignor - any natural or legal person who makes goods available to the carrier for transport.

Consignee - any natural or legal person who accepts cargo, executes transport documents and unloads vehicles in the established order.

Contract of carriage - a bilateral agreement between the carrier, sender or consignee - a legal document which defines the scope, time and conditions of carriage of goods, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties with regard to their observance.

Packing goods - list of packing units. Indicates the volume and type of load.

Freight forwarder - an employee who ensures the proper functioning of transport and forwarding services while transporting goods.

Order for cargo - a document which provides the Consignor to the carrier to deliver a conditional cargo shipment within the agreed time frame.

Customer - a consignor or consignee who has concluded a contract of carriage with the carrier.

Cargo delivery - handing over the cargo to the consignee by the carrier, in accordance with the cargo transport document, together with subsequent unloading and execution of relevant documents.

Cereal truck - for transport of grain. Up to 12-22 tons payload.

Container (transport) - the transport various types of goods. Up to 20-30 tons payload.

Labelling - inscriptions, images or symbols on the packaging or corresponding goods to be sent and handed over to the recipient.

Urban transport - different transport of goods within a city.

Long-distance transport - transport of goods outside the city (settlement).

Volume transport - quantity of cargo transported or declared by the sender and received by the carrier for delivery to the consignee (tons).

Packing - arranging and consolidation of cargo in an enlarged loading unit, which ensures its integrity, preservation during transport or loading and unloading, storage operations.

Carrier - a person who performs cargo transportation services by public transport.

Leaflet - basic document concerning registration of road transport of goods, characterizing the work of a car and a driver from the moment of departure from a transport company to the moment of return to the company.

Cargo acceptance - issuing by the Consignor of cargo prepared for departure and cargo and transport documents to the carrier with subsequent loading on the vehicle, as well as registration of cargo acceptance documents by the carrier for departure.

Semi-trailer - a car attached to a self-propelled car.

Tipper - to transport sand and other bulk cargo. Up to 12-22 tons payload.

Tractor truck - a car for towing a semi-trailer.

Special car - for transport for specific goods.

Packaging - basic element of packaging for product placement.

Transport documentation - legal documents based on registration, acceptance, handover, transport, delivery of cargo and mutual settlements between participants of the transport are made.

Bill of lading - a single legal document for all participants of the transport process, designed to write down goods and material values, to settle the way they are moved, received, stored, operated and accounted for, as well as to settle cargo transportation and work done.

Tent, semi-trailer - to transport different cargo. Different types of loads: top, side, rear. Up to 12-22 tons payload. Up to 24-33 Euro-pallet spaces. Up to 60-96 m3 payload capacity.

Refrigerator, semi-trailer - refrigerated semi trailer.  Designed to transport perishable goods. In the loading compartment it holds from + 25'C to - 25'C. Up to 12-22 tons payload. Up to 8-40 m3 payload capacity .  Up to 24-33  Euro-pallet spaces.