FAQ from customers

What does transporting goods SOLOVIY-TRANS?

  • SOLOVIY-TRANS organises your full truck load transports both on the road and in Combined Transport . We specialize in safe, packed goods;

Can the cargo be damaged during transport?

  • We guarantee the safety your cargo, we equip vehicles with all necessary means to secure the cargo: belts, carpets, shape cargo securing, etc.

Is there a price list at SOLOVIY-TRANS?.

  • Each transport is individual with its own unique requirements (equipment, duration, quantity, loading/unloading window etc.). Transport costs can quickly change depending on market conditions. Therefore, SOLOVIY-TRANS does not operate with a fixed price list. Our managers always try to find the solution with the best price/performance ratio for you.

What is the guarantee that the order will arrive on time?

  • We have been on the market since 2013, thanks to our experience and a large number of partners, we ensure the most efficient deliveries. Our company is in contact with our customers 24/7. We inform about the status and location of the cargo, which can be tracked at all stages of transport.