Full truck loads (FTL)

A full truck load is a load which is generally intended for a single recipient. This service can be cheaper up to 30-40% of the costs of transporting individual batches in semitrailers. It is for such small consignments that this service is used.

It is the transport of small loads from 100 kg or more, small batches of any goods, spare parts for vehicles, household appliances, small equipment and many other things weighing up to several tons.

The most important advantage is optimized time, as time is money. We use proven and carefully designed routes. Experienced specialists SOLOVIY-TRANS take on any load: small, large, valuable or industrial.

SOLOVIY-TRANS offers rational  fast full truck loads:

  • in Europe
  • all European countries, Central Asia, the Middle East and vice versa
  • as well as national transport in the EU.

Our company deals the transport all loads, keeping to ecological standards.