Vehicles types

● Tent, semi-trailer

To transport different cargo. Different types of loads: top, side, rear. Up to 12-22 tons payload. Up to 24-33 Euro-pallet spaces. Up to 60-96 m3 payload capacity.

● Refrigerator, semi-trailer

Refrigerated semi trailer.  Designed to transport perishable goods. In the loading compartment it holds from + 25'C to - 25'C. Up to 12-22 tons payload. Up to 8-40 m3 payload capacity .  Up to 24-33  Euro-pallet spaces.

 "Eurostandard." 20 tons, 82 m³. 32 Euro-pallet spaces. Operation - more expensive than conventional cars 5-25%.

Truck trailer

Vehicle plus trailer. Advantage: quick loading/unloading and high payload. Disadvantage: Not suitable for transporting long products. Up to 16-25 tons payload. Payload capacity: 60-120 m³. up to 22- 33 Euro-pallet spaces.

● "Jumbo"

"Jumbo" is a very efficient semi-trailer, thanks to the "G" - a similar floor and reduced wheel diameter of the semi-trailer. Up to 20 tons payload. Up to 96-110 m3 payload capacity,  up to 33 Euro-pallet spaces.

● Container (transport)

 The transport various types of goodsUp to 20-30 tons payload.

● Road tanker  

The transport liquids. Up to 12-22 tons payload.  Up to 8-40 m3 payload capacity  

● Truck transporter

Designed to transport vehicles. Up to 20-25 tons payload. Capacity directly depends on the length, average 8-10 vehicles.

● Grain trucks

Transport the grain. Up to 12-22 tons payload.

● Tipper

Transport sand and other bulk cargo. Up to 12-22 tons payload.